Just a little snippet of a gorgeousss bank holiday weekend!

I was absolutely terrified about going out this weekend, having a full on melt down about how I looked, how my clothes fit, how I’m going to be the fat one, how I’m going to be uncomfortable, will people be looking at me…and yes a few tears were shed

BUT you know what, this weekend made me realise that actually how you look is the LEAST important thing! Despite the nerves, I wasn’t going to let my insecurities prevent me from having a fabulous time, and after the first two cocktails I no longer cared what I looked like and nobody was judging me anyway!

I had an insane evening, soaking up the sun on a fabulous roof terrace in the centre of such a beautiful city – drinking wine, eating delicious food and putting the world to rights with my best friend…those memories are worth so much more than being nervous because I’ve got a bit of a bloody roll showing in my skirt! ️

So this is your reminder that you are so much more than how your clothes fit, nobody is judging you like you’re judging yourself and life is too short to miss out on just because we’re nervous, or care about what other people might think! You deserve to live life my loves, so let’s embrace it

Now, if anyone needs me I shall be on the sofa nursing my wine hangover and dreaming about those truffle cheese fries

Hope you all have had a gorgeous bank holiday, and here’s to making June the best month yet angels

22 thoughts on “BANK HOLIDAY

  1. You look beaut hun looks like you had a great weekend. Food looks on point too

  2. Omg I’m going there in July, The Nest Treehouse – do you recommend? Xx

  3. Love the caption. Glad you had a fab evening, you look gorgeous!! Hope your wine hangover has eased today xx

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