So thanks to the help of you fabulous lovelies, I went for the Steak Fajita pasta and OH MY, what a decision that was

I completely winged this but honestly, it turned out perfectly and will 100% be a staple in my diet for the foreseeable! I mean steak, fajitas, and pasta all in one was always going to be good wasn’t it

RECIPE: (Serves one very hungry person lol, but can easily be altered for more or less )

Lightly spritz your steak (I used a 125g Sirloin) with oil spray, and season with salt and pepper. Then fry in a hot pan, for about 3 minutes a side or until cooked through.

Remove the steak from the pan on to a separate plate, then add finally sliced and peppers to the same pan and fry until soft

Whilst the veg is softening, boil 100g of penne pasta in salted water until it’s al dente – mine took 13 minutes

When the onions and peppers are soft, add your Fajita Seasoning I used the BBQ one from and it was gorge, but any would do – and then fry it off for about 5 mins.

After about 5 minutes, slice your steak and add it to the pan, stir through and then add in your pasta! Be sure to save some of the pasta water though

Add in 40g of light and some pasta water, then simmer until it’s silky sauce! You may need more pasta water, but just add a little at a time

To finish, add in 10g of grated Parmesan , mix it together and then ya done

This portion came to 765 calories in total, with nearly 50g of protein! So good, and so easy – winner winner, Fajitas for dinner ️

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  1. Ermahgeeeeeeerd… just had this for tea and it was sooooo delicious! I could’ve eaten it twice. Xx

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