Butter Pie, what’s that you ask. A speciality from Preston

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Butter Pie, what’s that you ask. A speciality from Preston, Lancashire. A very regional pie made from layered potatoes and onions encased in shortcrust pastry. My mate Mick, a proud Prestonian talks lovingly of this pie, as much as he does the local football team, depending on how they fare. Originally something that would have been eaten on a Friday in the Catholic community of Lancashire when the eating of meat was forbidden, hence it’s sometimes known as Friday Pie. A basic shortcrust pastry, flour and butter, enhanced with cheese is rubbed together, bound with egg and water to form a dough. Sliced potatoes, blanched in boiling water, cooled and dried form the bulk of the pie, onions, fried until soft lend a lovely rich flavour. Line a pie dish with the pastry, layer with the potatoes, onions, salt and white pepper, aim for three , dot generously with butter in between, much like you would for dauphinoise. Roll a pastry lid, seal and crimp as you wish. Egg wash and bake in a medium oven for 45 minutes, by which time the pastry will be delightfully crisp and moorish, the potatoes soft and tender but not quite collapsing. Allow for at least 10 minutes rest before eating. You could serve this with many different accompaniments, mushrooms, broccoli or green salad. However, leeks braised with garlic and vermouth sit aside very happily, echoing the alium sweetness of the onions in the pie. One last note on this pie, as important to football as it is religion, in 2007 one of the catering companies at Preston North End ceased trading, fans could no longer buy their beloved pre match butter pie. After a Facebook campaign by two supporters, three years later the pie finally made a return to the stands.

One for this weeks /> using leeks, garlic and cheese.

20 thoughts on “Butter Pie, what’s that you ask. A speciality from Preston

  1. this sounds like my food Laurie! Potato pie is so delicious and add some leeks to it and it is double delicious

  2. This looks fabulous! I haven’t made a raised pie since my catering days – I’m now inspired to join National Pie Week!

  3. Now that’s what I call a proper pie!!! Not to dissimilar to the Devononian Homity pie?? Love those braised leeks… masterful my friend

  4. The pie sound great, I love the very regional and geographically precise traditional foods of the Northwest being a Northerner myself…don’t care about the football so much. Those leeks though…I think I could possibly eat a bowl full of them!

  5. By god Laurie you have a real gift for making the simplest of dishes sound an look amazing ! My mouth was watering reading and looking at that , yum

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