Chicken Sofrito In the hierarchy of chicken dishes

☆Chicken Sofrito☆

In the hierarchy of chicken dishes this is up there with the best, next to a roast chicken & Elizabeth David’s poulet au gratin Savoyarde. I know I harp on about simplicity, but you couldn’t get any simpler here. Much easier than bringing multiple parts together for a Sunday roast, much less faff than roasting a chicken, making a cheese sauce and gratinating.

From Jerusalem, by Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi, a book that made me really think and has brought much joy to the the kitchen table. A dish of the Sephardic Jews, traditionally cooked on the sabbath, frugal, yet deeply flavoursome, making the most of cheap and available ingredients. A notion we could all live by.

I used chicken legs, but the method and timings remain virtually the same, the magic lies in the slow steaming of the chicken,( about 1½ hours) resulting in beautifully tender meat, flavoured with sweet paprika, tumeric and lemon. Fried potatoes and garlic are added to the chicken for the last 30 minutes, soaking up all the juices, giving a fondant like finish. Heady and fragrant, just sharp enough, along mellow garlic that just yearns to be squeezed into the reduced sauce. My only concession I salted the chicken overnight to allow for more unctuous and flavoursome meat. A dish that is so comforting, much more than the sum of its parts. Your wine marker, something white and round with a touch of oak, chardonnay, a white Rhône blend or perhaps a Chilean Viognier, that’s what I drank, very good it was too.

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24 thoughts on “Chicken Sofrito In the hierarchy of chicken dishes

  1. I’m telling you Laurie, it will be entirely your fault when I finally crack and start eating meat again!! I look forward to your magical descriptions…well done, my friend!

  2. I went through a phase of making this a couple of years ago after seeing your dish. I’d forgotten about it! It was so delicious. I must make it again xx

  3. Perfect end to the weekend! Looks delicious and can just imagine that slow cooked chicken melting in my mouth!

  4. It looks fantastic Laurie and so love your advice about salting the chicken overnight. I think my boys will like this recipe too so will give it a go!

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