Cod, Jerusalem artichoke purée, braised leeks and bacon.

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Cod, Jerusalem artichoke purée, braised leeks and bacon. Definitely a weekend dish, although you could hardly call it complicated. To the uninitiated a Jerusalem artichoke is a tuber, a knobbly little thing related to the sunflower, the name Jerusalem being a corruption of the French for sunflower, ‘girasole’. I rather suspect this why they are known as sunchokes in North America, where they originally came to Europe from in the 1600’s. They have absolutely nothing to do with globe artichokes.
Unlimited uses for this vegetable, they make a wonderful soup, great roasted, utterly sublime as a purée with seafood. Once peeled, I find a bowl of acidulated water helps prevent oxidising. For this puree, the artichokes are sliced and simmered in chicken stock with garlic and thyme until soft. Blended until smooth with some butter, I’ve deliberately kept it simple so as not to mask the vegetable’s special flavour. Leeks are always delicious with prime white fish, coloured in the fat from crisping the bacon lardons, braised in vermouth until just tender.
I’ve used cod, hake would be good, scallops even better, that’s a Joyce Molyneux recipe from the famed ‘Carved Angel’ popularised by many a well known chef over the years. The flakiness of cod works well with the purée, silky, rich and indulgent. The leeks bring an alium sweetness, the bacon a certain saltiness. It’s often easy to overplay the fish and cured pork combination but here a few crisp lardons are to my mind essential. The only other necessary accompaniment is a glass of chardonnay.

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  1. Just finished at work and seeing this beautiful dish now I’m hungry, wish I could have this for my dinner

  2. Ooh that looks sooo good. I do like the taste of Jerusalem artichoke but after may tries it and I unfortunately do not get along

  3. Oh that looks spot on Laurie, you so often make things that I fancy hoovering up! I’ve got some Jerusalems in the garden, maybe I’ll dig a couple up this weekend.

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