Confit duck leg, lentils and broccoli, my supper from New Year…

☆Happy New Year☆

Confit duck leg, lentils and broccoli, my supper from New Year’s Eve. Italian tradition dictates that eating lentils at new year will bring wealth and prosperity for the year ahead, we’ll wait and see. I’m immensely fond of pulse dishes, I think of them as a form of comfort. Simmer the lentils with a bay leaf or two until just tender, about 15-20 minutes, during this time a sofrito of onion, celery, carrot, thyme and garlic is cooked until soft and slightly browned. The cooked lentils along with some of the liquid are added, warmed through until almost stew like, still with a tiny bite, not crunchy, definitely not mushy. Confit duck is my idea of food heaven, crisp skin, soft and unctuous meat and deeply seasoned too. I confited my own a few weeks ago, better for maturing it is too. The confit process is simple, duck legs rubbed with coarse sea salt, thyme and juniper left for 6-8 hours are rinsed and dried, followed by slow cooking in duck fat until completely tender, usually 1½-2 hours. Left to cool, they will keep in the cooking fat for months. The word confit is derived from the French verb confiture meaning to preserve. It is however quite commonplace to see some chefs use the term to describe something that is slowly cooked in oil. With a green vegetable to give the plate a freshness, a more harmonious and enjoyable plateful I can’t think of to celebrate new year. A very good glass of to accompany too.

19 thoughts on “Confit duck leg, lentils and broccoli, my supper from New Year…

  1. it is a great tradition! In my husband’s family they eat lentil dishes on January 1st for exactly the same reason

  2. I’m sure you enjoyed that Laurie. Lentils are a wonderful ingredient to have in the cupboard. I have lots all different colours.

  3. Love it!! ️ And love how you’ve described confit! I, too, am guilty of taking the term to mean something slow cooked in oil – so that’s that now clarified

  4. I Love lentilsYour dish looks Autorennen! Made some Chili son carne from them, have a Look if you like

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