Prawn curry has always been one of my absolute favourite meals, and always feels so nostalgic as my Nana used to make it for me! I genuinely think I was eating this as an actual baby…I’m not even joking

This is such an easy recipe, and although it isn’t quite the same recipe as my nana’s – oh is it good

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200g of Cooked King Prawns
1 large Onion, finally sliced
3 Green Chillis, finely diced (I took the seeds out bud you can keep them in if you want it super spicy ) – I used one Red and two Green so you can mix and match!
1 inch piece of grated Ginger
2 crushed cloves of Garlic
400g chopped Tomatoes
½ tsp of ground Coriander
½ tsp of of ground Tumeric
½ tsp ground Cumin
1 tbsp of Veg Oil, or Spray Oil is fine
½ tsp of Honey
2 tbsp Natural Yoghurt

Heat the oil in a pan over a medium high heat, and add the sliced onions and diced chilli and cook for 2 minutes.
Add in the spices, stir well, then add in the ginger and garlic.
Cook for 2-3 minutes, stirring occasionally, then pour over the tin of chopped tomatoes.
Fill the empty tomato tin with cold water and pour into the pan. Stir in the Honey plus a pinch of salt and pepper.
Bring to the boil, then turn the heat down and simmer, stirring occasionally, for 15 minutes.
Add in the cooked prawns and warm them through for 1-2 minutes, then stir in your yoghurt and voila
This recipe serves 2 and works out at under 300 calories per portion, and is super delish

I served mine with some Basmati Rice and a bit of Naan Bread, and then dove in head first Let me know if you try it Angels!


  1. I need a curry! Keep seeing your banging curries and I’m keep thinking I need to eat a curry

  2. Saved this for later because that looks incredible Prawn curry is favourite here too! ️

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