Pork chop, quince, celeriac and kale

Pork chop, quince, celeriac and kale.

Seasonal food at its best. A good pork chop is always a good thing to eat, apple is a natural pairing with pork, but the hard, forbidden quince is equally as good. Prized in Spain, membrillo is common place, the fruit cooked with sugar until thick and set, delightfully amber in colour . Most often served with cheese, but a fine glaze for a pork chop too, in a shameless manner I’ve stolen idea from not the chicken dish as demonstrated, but the melting of quince paste with apple juice is most successful here, sweet, slightly sharp, most joyful.

A potato rosti is unquestionably delicious, here celeriac joins the butter laden party. Usually the grated potato will be squeezed until rid of moisture and maybe mixed with flour, egg and seasonings, fried in a pan, until crisp and cooked through. I have a different take, one I’ve learnt through my cooking career. Equal quantities of grated potato and celeriac are mixed with butter (be generous) thyme, salt, white pepper. I still squeeze the vegetables dry before seasoning, here I bake the mixture in a shallow tray, covered with foil at 160°c for 45 minutes followed by a further 15 uncovered with the oven turned up to 200°c to allow for browning. A kitchen hack I learnt when preparing potato rosti for 50 portions a time. It works. Best to let rest for 8-10 hours, when fully cold, slice, fry in hot oil to crisp, warm through in a hot oven.

Served with a shallot, vermouth and chicken stock sauce, accentuating the more savoury and sweeter notes.

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  1. Quince is such an amazing fruit! I love pairing my pork chops with fruit as well, my favourite has been apple compote. This looks great!

  2. That’s all superb! I bookmark to try out all those ideas and hacks – thank you for sharing ️

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