Salmon, puy lentils, purple sprouting broccoli

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Salmon, puy lentils, purple sprouting broccoli. A simple yet pleasing plate, puy lentils may not be the most photogenic food, they are however packed with flavour and make the most wonderful accompaniment to salmon. My formula for cooking this pulse is simple, brought to the boil in cold water with a couple of bay leaves, simmered for 12-15 minutes to point where they retain a gentle bite. In the meantime a sofrito of onion, celery and garlic gentle softens, augmented by a blat of tomato puree and drizzle of balsamic vinegar. There are plenty of other flavours you could add, depending on the direction of your dish. The lentils join the flavoursome base along with a ladelful of cooking water, be sure to season well with salt and pepper, cook gently for a further 5-10 minutes. I always cook extra for future meals, having a portion or two stashed away in the freezer is always a good idea.
With the fish, after a preliminary seasoning with salt, a hot pan is essential, cooked skin side down for a minute over a high heat, followed by 6-7 on the lowest heat possible. You may think that the salmon isn’t cooking, but it is. Turn both sides in the pan to sear, about 20 seconds each, flip it over and rest for 3 minutes. The fish is completely cooked through, yet moist with a delightful crunch and salty bite to the skin.
The lentils are finished with drizzle of olive oil, spoonful of dijon mustard and parsley. Served with a green vegetable, this is lovely way to eat fish.

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