Spaghetti Carbonara, one of the most recognised

☆Monday Night Pasta☆

Spaghetti Carbonara, one of the most recognised and commonly cooked pasta dishes. Elizabeth David describes the recipe in Italian Food, first published in 1954, I guess that may be the introduction to this dish of cured pork, eggs, cheese and pasta in the English kitchen. Miss David gives simple instructions, ones which are still very relevant today. Simplicity shouldn’t be confused with slapdash neither in sourcing the ingredients or cooking. Guanciale, cured pork jowl is traditional in Rome, I never see it for sale in Loughborough, good pancetta eludes me too, in my mind smoked bacon from the butcher works perfectly well. Fried until crisp with the fat rendered, it’s still delicious. The technique of combining the eggs and cheese with the pasta makes or breaks this dish, that’s where method applies, essentially a sabayon, whisking the eggs, pecorino and grano padano in a bowl over a pan of simmering water cooks the mixture, it may not look to promising at first, but it will thicken (like a creme anglaise) after few minutes. A superior method eliminating that jeopardy between runny or scrambled eggs. Once the pasta is cooked, drain and combine with the residual cooking fat from the bacon, combine with the egg mixture, loosen with some pasta cooking water, serve with the bacon or pancetta on top, scatter with more pecorino cheese, enjoy with a glass of dry white wine, preferably a pecorino, not the same as recommended by /> but the same same grape from M&S peachy, herbal and rounded, a good Monday night wine, if there is such a thing.

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  1. Amazing your description is spot on!!!! If you don’t mind, send the pic to Saturday Kitchen (I think on Twitter is better) they’ll be happy to see it and might give you a shout out

  2. Love your description of how this classic dish should be made Laurie! Nailed it…

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