Strawberry and rose naked sponge cake dessert was mandatory

Strawberry and rose naked sponge cake

Dessert was mandatory over the long weekend and I decided to dress up ready made sponge cakes to create a layered strawberry and rose naked cake with whipped cream I used fresh strawberries, dried rose petals, fresh flowers and homemade white chocolate shards to decorate. This cake is light, fresh and perfect for warmer days. The hint of rose in the layers is also a nice surprise. You can serve this cake with vanilla custard or extra whipped cream on the side. ⠀

Serves 12-15⠀

3 ready made sponge cakes. Slice each cake in half to have 6 layers. ⠀

500g strawberries, diced ⠀
2-3 tbsp rooh-afza ⠀
250g whipped cream ⠀

Fresh strawberries, halved and whole ⠀
Fresh flowers ⠀
Dried rose petals ⠀
100g white chocolate melts ⠀

To make your chocolate shards, place white chocolate in a bowl and microwave for 2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds. Pour melted chocolate on a tray lined with baking paper and smooth with a icing spatula. Sprinkle dried rose petals and place tray in the freezer until chocolate is firm. Slice into your desired shape to decorate. ⠀

To make the filling combine diced strawberries and rooh afza in a large bowl. Taste and adjust rose flavour to your liking. ⠀

To assemble, place 1/5 of the filling in the center of the cake and top with whipped cream leaving it higher on the edges to create a border. Repeat until you reach the final layer of the cake. ⠀

Spread more whipped cream on the top and sides of the cake and smooth with a spatula. Decorate with fresh strawberries, flowers, dried rose petals and white chocolate shards. Serve with vanilla custard or more whipped cream on the side. Enjoy!

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