Winner Winner Chicken with white wine and rosemary

☆Winner Winner☆

Chicken with white wine and rosemary, from Claudia Roden’s ‘Med’ Reading the book, it may be one of those recipes you’d skip by, but you shouldn’t. Yes, the ingredients and instructions are undoubtedly simple, yet the result is utterly delicious. The introduction to the recipe is rather important to me, I ate chicken legs very often during lockdown 1.0 when Boris locked us up in March 2020. Claudia notes that she cooked this for one of her Granddaughters, Ruby, eaten (socially distanced) Ruby asked her to put the recipe in the book. I’m glad she did. The chicken pieces are browned and wet roasted in white wine, flavoured with rosemary and garlic, cooked through, they should be meltingly tender. My only concession to the recipes, I salted the legs, using sel gris for 24 hours before cooking. The process of osmosis yields exceptionally juicy and flavoursome chicken. On serving, one great culinary mind meets another, Jane Grigson’s French peas have always been a favourite, my Mum often serves them with roast chicken. Far from the ‘bonne femme’ version you may know, the peas are stewed with onion, carrot and lettuce, enhanced by sugar, salt and butter. From Miss Grigson’s ‘Vegetable’ book, in ‘Good Things’ too. Roast potatoes would be good here, but buttery mash is equally so, I go a step further adding lots of parmesan cheese, creamy and indulgent, but not without reason, more importantly most fitting with the flavours of the chicken and the peas. Simple and delicious, one for

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